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Our program was founded by Jeff Tackett in 1996. Our Goalkeeper School has been training young goalkeepers for over 14 years at camps, clinics, club training and academy training. Our goalkeepers have assisted in winning C.I.F Championships, State Cup Championships, NCAA Championships, NAIA Championships and Junior College National Championships. They have also competed on State-Select, ODP, USYSA Regional ODP, U.S. Junior National, and World Cup.

Our coaching staff is comprised of 4 regional directors and numerous staff coaches in each region. Each staff member has spent time as a student through the SCSG Academy and shares a common philosophy and knowledge of coaching a goalkeeper to an elite level.

We invite you to explore our web site. You can gain information here about the Soccer Academy in all of its facets. Find out about Basic, Advanced, and Elite Goalkeeper training on the training page. There are also pages that feature information about our camps/clinics, club training and college exposure........ Thanks for Joining Us!



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June 18 - 21, 2017   @ Claremont H.S.

  • GK DAY CAMP $285.00
  • Daily CAMPER $110/day
Register at www.scsg.fullslate.com

     *** Pay in Full at the time of registration or make 3 payments ***

                        1st Payment :  30% down 

2nd Payment: 35% down by MAY 20th, 2017

 3rd Payment:  Total amount due by June 15th, 2017

Goalkeeper Camps

Residential camp      
  •   8 - 12 year olds Premier Camp **Boys & Girls**
  •   13 - 19 year old Showcase Camp *Boys & Girls*
  •   3 nights/ 4 days all inclusive stay at the DoubleTree Hotel
  •   Boys will be on a floor w/Chaperon & Girls will be on a different floor w/Chaperon
  •   3 sessions per day on Monday and Tuesday (AM, Noon, & PM)
  •   Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  •   Stay all inclusive includes Shuttle to and from the fields
  •   Professional and college coaching staff
  •   2 Camp T-shirts  (Optional Fee: SCSG full kit : Jersey, shorts, socks, & gloves $85.00)
  •   Pool access
  •   Night time activities
  •   Classroom sessions
  •   Guest speakers             

   Day Camp
  •    4 day GK  camp
  •    2 sessions per day with the option to stay for the evening session
  •    Technical, Tactical, Phsyical and mental aspects of Goalkeeping
  •    Lunch is provided
  •    Professional and college coaching staff
  •    Camp Jersey  (Optional Fee: SCSG full kit : Jersey, shorts, socks, & gloves $85.00)
  •    Pool access
  •    Classroom sessions / guest speakers

               Residential camp
  •    8 - 12 year olds Premier Camp **Boys & Girls**
  •    13 - 19 year old Showcase Camp *Boys & Girls*
  •     4 day \ 3 night  residential camp
  •      3 sessions per day on Monday and Tuesday
  •      Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  •      Stay in the dorm on ULV campus
  •      Professional and college coaching staff
  •       Camp Jersey/tshirt  
  •      Pool access
  •       Night time activities
  •      Classroom sessions
  •       guest speaker

                     Day Camp        
  •     4 day Field player  camp
  •      2 sessions per day with the option to stay for the evening session
  •      Technical, Tactical, Physical and mental aspects of soccer
  •     lunch is provided
  •      Professional and college coaching staff
  •       Camp Jersey/t-shirt  
  •       Pool access
  •       Classroom sessions / guest speakers

Email any questions to gktackett@msn.com

Updated May 2, 2017

The Tactical Camp will starting up Soon!

Any questions please email me at GKTACKETT@MSN.COM

*No More Guessing Goalkeepers*

Ask Your Questions At Our Classroom Tactical Camp

  • Defensive set plays
  • Communication in the correct thirds of the field
  • Direct commands, Attacking commands, and Defensive commands
  • Organizing your team
  • Importance of Distribution
  • Switching the point of attack vs counter attacks
  • Crossing angles vs Shooting angles
  • Fears of Goalkeeping
  • Preparing for the next levels of goalkeeping
  • Scenarios of the game
  • Long term vs. short term goals
  • Starting goalkeeper and the back up goalkeeper
  • Universal soccer terminology
  • Much, Much more.. .

SCSG's Tactical Camps will teach the goalkeeper how to, not just be a shot blocker but to have complete knowledge of their position and the game of soccer.


SCSG will be offering a series of Goalkeeper Clinics at Cal Poly Pomona and other fields. With the 2015-2016 Season and summer tournaments coming soon SCSG Clinics are a great place to sharpen your skills. Visit our CLINIC PAGE for more details.


Key to any successful soccer team is effective communication.  The sophistication and amount of communication will vary depending on age and skill level.  In today’s modern game the goalkeeper is the lead communicator on the field.  Expectations are that a goalkeeper is not only a shot stopper but also the last line of defense, first attacker, and demonstrates game maturity with decision-making, organizing, and communicating.   That is a heavy burden at any age and ability level.  Goalkeepers and field players are unable to communicate because of their game inexperience and the pace at which the game changes.  As coaches...CLICK HERE to reade more.


Many players and coaches talk about using the keeper as the 11th field player as opposed to just using the keeper as a defensive player and a player of last resort. It seems that despite all the talk of using the keeper in attack, in most cases, it seems the keeper ends up receiving he ball only as a last resort and the keeper, frequently under some pressure, ends up having to knock the ball long. Recently I have had the opportunity to watch Manchester United play a few matches and they seem to do a better job then most of using their keeper as part of the attack as opposed to as simply a last resort...CLICK HERE to read more.

SCSG Keeper Wars Tournament

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